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Shatterize animation is an internet based visual effects specializing in cinema 4d, Adobe After Effects and blender. They publish free VFX tutorials,and maintain a blog dedicated to the visual effects community. Founded by Sparda in 2014, they are currently headquartered in India, Tamilnadu.

Shatterize animation is the child of SriramSparda. SriramSparda create a passion for filmmaking and gaming and in particular VFX with Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D after finding a trial version of the software in the magazine Maxon. Then making the transition to the full version, SriramSparda self taught himself and uses some online tutorial how to use it from the age of 20.

About Shatterize Animation from Sriram Sparda on Vimeo.

He started Shatterize animation in 2014 his freelance visual effects. Shatterize animation got off the ground by providing free After Effects, blender and cinema 4d tutorials through the online community. Subsequently. Shatterize animation has since published over a fourty seven free tutorials on its own blog, alongside offering several products designed to enhance a VFX artist’s capability to do his or her job. The freely available After Effects tutorials work to generate interest in the program, thereby creating new customers for their products.

Shatterize animation free tutorials are the cornerstone of it's business model. The very first tutorial was a shatterize title, posted onmarch, 2014. Since then more than 46 blender, cinema4d and after Effects tutorials have been posted. The company offers tutorials in motion graphics, color correction, sound design, modeling and many professional quality special effects. sparda records his tutorials with a core 2 deo @ 2.44 Ghz. 2GB of RAM, a raptor drive and a Geforce 630 GT graphics card. He uses a Camtasia studio to record.

Shatterize Animation is a online tutorial blog for 3D and VFX. By the end of the tutorial you will learn basic to advanced technique in Cinema 4D and After effects and side by side you can download premium plugins for cinema 4D and After Effects
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