HEY WHAT UP SRIRAM SPARDA HERE TODAY I WANNA SHARE WITH YOU A NEW TUTORIAL CALLED X PARTICLE TEXT WITHOUT USING X PARTICLES. Has you all know that x particles have the ability to render billions of particles in a short time and it is expensive in market as well but in this tutorial you will learn to fake the effect just like x particles so lets get started.


Please make sure you are have high configuration system because if you really want the effect like x particles you need lot of polygons to work with so make sure you have high configuration. And first three steps are basic one so i didn't put a picture reference from step 4 till end you will have a picture reference.

 Step 1 : Create a Motext  and put you desired font, size and  style.
Step 2 : Go to caps in Motext option and choose fillet caps on both, cm is 2 and 3, type to quadrant check the regular grid and width to 5 cm. For the tutorial I choose only S letter

 Step 3 : Now to Mograph again and choose poly FX and put your polyfx in to the the motext.

Step 4 : Now choose the polyfx in that go the fall off and choose source

Step 5 : Now Choose B spline in spline option and draw your desired wave pattern.

 Step 6 : Draw like this in the front view after finish choose obejct mode. Now put your spline line in to ploy fx fall off source tab.

 Step 7: After you put spline in to the in to the source it will create the dissolve pattern  according to the spline shape make sure your spline is in centre of the text and your can move the spline in different way to choose which pattern you want. Sampling detail potion in the fall off is up to you if you are having high configuration system you can increase the sampling detail in to high value and choose fall off function to inverse square.

Step 8 : Now go to poly fx transform tab make zero value in x, y and z. Then go to fall off tab make the sample distance to zero and make key frame and go to last frame and make the sample distance value to high above 100 and set a key frame.

 Step :9 Now you can see the text is eaten by the spline ! :( 

 Step 10 : Now choose random effector in the mograph and make sure it is present in ploy fx effector tab.

 Step 11 : Now go to random effector tab and choose mode to turbulence and in parameter tab you can choose what ever you want.

 Step 12 : Now are in Final Part select the motext and choose face and select all the faces and right click then choose subdidvide. If you choose more subdivide potion you will get more detail. Like this if you want the effects look like X PARTICLES then you have to subdivide it for 10+ times which is nearly 8 Million polygon but note it will make your system hang make sure you have high configuration system.

Step 13 : Like this you have do again and again for better effect.

 This is 1728 polygon Preview.

 This is 17000 Polygons Preview.

 This is 70000 Polygons Preview. Feel the difference Guys if you want more detail subdivide more times.

 Now 2 Million particles Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hello guys, I'm Hello guys,Sriram Sparda, a freelance Motion Designer.

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