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Hey what up SRIRAM SPARDA here. First of all i apologies for the previous tutorial i was accidently deleted that but i will upload as soon as possible.Now lets jump on in to the main topic actually what i am really wanna share with you is a tutorial.It was originally made in 3ds max from Rajpakhare so i got inspired but i don't have enough knowledge in 3ds max and in that tutorial he use thinking particles ,Xpresso tag and lots of complicated steps but i did in Cinema4D it is very easy without using all that stuff. So i was trying to make the similar effect by using Cinema4D and colour correct using Aftereffect and i need to thank two people who post that tutorial Rajpakhare and division 8. Now lets see what preview of this tutorial. I will upload the tutorial soon so stay tuned. 

Image Preview :-

Video Preview :-


Hello guys, I'm Hello guys,Sriram Sparda, a freelance Motion Designer.

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